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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Conservation and Transformation of energy

Conservation and Transformation of energy: Everyday, the demand of energy is increasing due to the rapid increase in the world population and increasing activity. If we are not alarmed, in the near future we will have to face serious problem. In order to solve this serious problem, we have to reduce the use of excess energy which is called conservation of energy. The following steps are to be taken to conserve energy:
*      The renewable sources of energy should be used in place of nonrenewable one.
*      The use of firewood should be reduced as far as possible.
*      The world’s population should be controlled.
*      The use of nonrenewable sources of energy should be avoided as much as possible.
*      Public transport should be used instead of personal transport as far as possible.
*      The light should be switch off when it is not necessary.
*      Deforestation should be stopped and forestation should be implemented.
*      Awareness about the importance of energy conservation should be created in people.
*      Biogas and wind power for domestic purposes should be used.
The process of changing or converting one form of energy into another form is known as transformation of energy.
*      When electric current passes through an electric bulb, it glows and gives out light and heat. Electrical energy is converted into light energy and heat energy.
*      The heat energy produced due to the burning of coal changes water into steam. This steam is used to run the steam engine. Thus, the chemical energy of coal is converted into heat energy and then heat is converted into mechanical energy (used to run the steam engine).
*      In a thermal power plant, coal is burnt to produce electricity. Thus, chemical energy of the coal is converted into the electrical energy.
*      When we rub our hands, they become warm. In this case, mechanical energy is converted into heat energy.
*      The explosion of a fire cracker gives out sound, heat and light energy. In this case, the atomic energy of the fire cracker is converted into sound, heat and light energy.
*      The explosion of an atomic bomb gives out heat and light energy. In this case, the atomic energy is converted into heat and light energy.
*      When a pendulum swings, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and vice-versa.
*      A long wood cut by a saw becomes hot. In this case, mechanical energy is converted into heat energy.

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Jitendra @jituTechnology said...
April 3, 2012 at 3:57 AM

Wow, Nice post. Thanks for sharing. This really helpful!!!!

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