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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


HEALTH HAZARDS AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Radioactive substances emit continuously powerful radiations such as β particles, ϒ particles and α particles ray. These are high energy radiation and hence, harm to living tissues. Energy absorbed by the passage of radiation through human body gives rise to the structural change called radiation damage. This damage may lead to death of a person. M. curie and E. Fermi lost their lives because of the damage caused by these radiations. When radiations enter a living system, the cell and tissues gets damaged due to the interaction with radiations. The harmful effects on an organism caused by these radiations is called radiation hazard. The damaged cell and tissue hamper normal functioning of the living system living ultimately to the death of the organism.
Following types of the damages can be caused by the radiation hazards:
1.       The exposure to radiation induces deleterious genetic effects. When the radiation passes through genetic cells, there occur mutations of the chromosome of the cellular nuclei. The mutations are transmitted from one generation to the next and so on. The genetic effects are irreversible.
2.       The strong α-ray exposure can cause lung cancer.
3.       The exposure to fast and slow neutron can cause blindness.
4.       The exposure to neutrons, protons, and α particle can cause damage to red blood cells.
5.       The strong exposures to protons and neutrons can cause serious damage to reproductive organs.
Following are the safety precautions for radiation hazards.
1.       The radio isotopes should be transferred in thick wall lead containers and kept it rooms with thick walls of lead.
2.       The radio isotopes are handled with the help of remote control device.
3.       The workers are asked to wear lead aprons.
4.       The radioactive contamination of the working area is avoided at all casts.
5.       Nuclear explosions should be carried out far away from the public area.


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